October 14, 2008

The following went out via e-mail as a campaign update, but it’s worth posting to the blog as well:

Ballots are out this week, time to knuckle down and complete your pre-voting homework! In addition to the official Secretary of State’s Voter’s Guide mailed out this week and available on line, there are several other websites offering a comparison between candidates. Project Vote Smart, linked from my last blog, is one such website. Enterprise Washington is another. Enterprise Washington is a network of private sector leaders who are committed to economic prosperity for all Washingtonians, and their home page can be reached at http://enterprisewashington.org/.

Enterprise Washington has developed the GROW program, Growing Roots for Our Workforce. The GROW program is a non-partisan pro-business website allowing you to compare candidate responses to a series of business focused questions. You can reach their on-line Voter Guide for all state-wide races through the home page, or go directly to the 7th District race by clicking this link:

As of today, my opponent has still left several questions on the GROW “test” blank, including the following:

  • Is there anything in your background that, if publicized, would prove an embarrassment to you or the organizations endorsing you?
  • Realizing that you may be serving in the legislature next year, what one thing, more than any other, do you want to see accomplished?

Interesting questions to leave blank. You may draw your own conclusions.