October 22, 2007

Tonight I was blessed by my parents, and I want to brag! As a co-chair of the recent AIA NW & Pacific Region Conference, I wanted to host a “wrap party” for the committee. My house is an hour away from Spokane in the country and would have been a tough sell to my colleagues, and my mom graciously agreed to host at her house in the city. Like most architects who start a practice, one of my first projects was to help remodel their house and create the kitchen my mother always wanted. She thought I wanted to show off the kitchen addition, but I wanted to show off her. She is talented in so many ways. I tried to get there early to help, but it was all planned and prepared by the time I got there. We were treated to a great 3 course Chinese meal with beautiful table settings, she has her prize winning watercolors hanging on display and her garden is a place of beauty and tranquility. My dad says “whatever the cook wants” and cleaned the house and front yard before guests arrived, then took on his usual assignment of cleaning up afterwards (he’s a man who appreciates where his good meals come from!). I thanked Dad, and he said “you know we’d do anything to support you.” I do know. Tonight I want to thank my parents, Fran and Con Wicht, for 52 years of high expectations and unconditional support, for their example of commitment to each other, for their faith and love, for teaching me to be responsible for my actions and to use my head, for being there not just for me but for all of the family. I love you, Mom and Dad!