October 30, 2007

I’m a little off schedule for my weekly blog entry, and for good reason. Craig and I are on vacation visiting Amanda, Jeremy and Gabe in Florida, and family time and vacation are my top priority this week. Setting priorities and boundaries in my personal life are critical for healthy family relationships, sound finances and business effectiveness. The whole subject got me to thinking - it is the lack of appropriate boundaries that threatens to sink society just as it could sink an individual. God does not expect me to single-handedly save the world from all of its problems, but to do my best with the skills and opportunities He has entrusted to me to carry out His will for my life. He is the Creator, I am the creature. I work within His boundaries, including defined boundaries like the 24 hour day and undefined boundaries like the number of my days on this earth.

Similarly, we the people, who have sovereign power over the government we have created, cannot ask our “creature” to carry out unlimited responsibilities with unlimited resources. We have given government boundaries and reserved all other rights and responsibilities to the people, as expressed by our state and federal Constitutions. Legislators must work within those boundaries, no matter how tempting it is to think we know better than the constituents we serve. To quote Thomas Jefferson from a letter to the French revolutionary priest Fr. Henri Gregoire in 1809 (thanking the priest for lending him a book):

“Because Sir Isaac Newton was superior to others in understanding, he was not therefore lord of the person or property of others.”

Fr. Gregoire would be appalled at the arrogance shown by his 21st century namesake in our Governor’s Mansion and her loyal followers in the Democrat majority in the Legislature. The constant over use of the “emergency clause” to ride rough shod over the referendum process has got to stop. You know the government has gone too far when the Seattle Times endorses an Eyman initiative!

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Oops, Gabe is helping Grandma finish off her essay. He says its time to reset my priorities again, get off the computer and play ball. I’ll leave with one last thought – it’s time to reset our priorities in government and elect common sense, conservative business owners (like me, Kevin Parker, and Dino Rossi!) who know how to weigh priorities and set boundaries. Time to play ball!