October 14, 2007

Campaign highlight for this week was a beautiful Saturday morning at the Okanogan Centennial Celebration and Autumn Leaf Fun Run. It was a good opportunity for a little exercise as well as a great opportunity to talk to voters. There were more than a dozen local vendors at the downtown marketplace exemplifying the best of the rural American entrepreneurial spirit. Their wares ranged from fresh produce and baked goods to books and candles. I talked with farmers about the rules impacting small farms and the need for a paradigm shift to value farming and ranching as vital stewardship activities. I found myself wondering if anyone was going to turn up and shut down the market for non-compliance with some obscure regulation. We have allowed government to become a snare instead of remembering that government is instituted to only do jointly that which we cannot do for ourselves individually (among other limitations). I bought a copy of a small textbook on the Federalist papers from a woman representing a local authors publishing co-op, and applauded her enterprising spirit and common sense approach to economic development at the grass roots.

The last event for the campaign week was Saturday night at the annual Spokane Right to Life banquet and fundraiser, at the invitation of Rep. John Ahern. I had missed lunch in Okanogan (got too busy visiting), and really enjoyed the meal and the company. This group shows it’s compassion at the grass roots through the Moms in Need outreach. From the vendors at the market to the volunteers reaching out in Spokane – no government programs were required to get the job done.