October 26, 2008

My opponent has let loose with another one of her long and rambling “short notes.” In one paragraph she maligns my character and accuses me of being a liar, and in the next paragraph she sanctimoniously swears “I have not and will not negatively attack my opponent.” I don’t know about you, but that sure sounded like an attack. I’ll address a few of her more relevant comments here to set the record straight, using a simple question and answer format:

Q. Your opponent has endorsements from current legislators, why don’t you?

Because I didn’t ask any current legislators for endorsements, nor accept them if offered. I agree with Sen. Bob Morton’s point of view, as we discussed it before the primary – currently serving legislators should not make endorsements in contested partisan races of their own party. See my Endorsement list for retired elected officials who have given their support. I have a 30 year record of working with professionals on multi-disciplinary project teams, and am confident of my ability to work as part of the legislative team.

Q. Why did the NRA give you a B rating, and why did they change it to a C??

I was curious about the original rating as well since my opponent and I are both NRA members and I believe the 2nd Amendment protects an individual right to bear arms. I called the NRA regional rep when the ratings first came out and asked. The original problem - I got a “B” because I refused to pledge to support abolishing ALL registration and licensing laws without first taking the time to consult with law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys in the 7th District. He said they’d change it to an “A” if would do that research and make that pledge. I ran this by several other NRA members, all of whom said they don’t want to abolish all registration and licensing laws, so I guess the NRA isn’t as monolithic as they’d like to think of themselves. I have no idea why they decided to change it to a “C,” they never bothered to actually talk to me so are getting their information second hand. It makes me wonder about their process, how it is influenced and why a national group is taking such an interest in a state legislative race.

Q. Do you have ties to the Spokesman-Review?

To the reporters/newspaper itself? No. To the building? Yes. In the early 1980’s as a young project architect, I had the privilege of working on the new newspaper office building as well as the renovation of the Chronicle and Review buildings. It was a great project team. I was responsible for writing the technical specifications and contracts for all three parts of the project. It was the largest project the office of Adkison Leigh Sims & Cuppage had worked on until that time, over $20 million in 1980 dollars for the first phase alone. I was honored at the trust that Tom Adkison, FAIA, placed in me and I learned my first lessons about my responsibility as an advocate for my clients on that project. It was the start of a long and fulfilling career in architecture. I am ready to take those lessons to serve my 7th District neighbors as your state representative.

Q. Are you a liberal, downtown Spokane type or a country girl?

I’m a conservative Republican, have lived in Lincoln County for over 30 years, started my own business so I could escape the Spokane commute too many of us put up with daily, raise 200+ head of livestock each year in partnership with my husband, Craig, and was delighted to receive new muck boots for Christmas. We are well rooted in our community and moved from Reardan to the “suburbs” of Edwall because Craig thought Reardan was too big of a town. You decide.