August 29, 2008

Exciting news this morning - Sarah Palin is an inspired choice for Vice-President! She’s a strong, sensible woman who has shown that she is independent of entrenched politics by taking on the Alaska establishment and passing a tough ethics reform bill. She has executive leadership experience as a mayor and a governor, balancing John McCain’s legislative experience. Announcing the morning after the Democratic convention ended is a great strategic choice for John McCain. Her youth balances the ticket and is a great strategic choice for John McCain. She’s an energetic maverick, and we can’t overlook the fact that picking a woman is an great strategic choice for John McCain. Did I make it clear that I think John McCain is a great strategist? That’s what we need in the next president and vice-president – independent, strategic thinkers.

I was confident Senator McCain plus a governor as VP could beat two senators; McCain/Palin will beat Obama/Biden hands down. With her Sandpoint/University of Idaho connections, Sarah Palin might even carry the Pacific Northwest!