August 24, 2008

The "top two" in the primary is definitely decided and I’m in, although who goes in first place has turned into a nail biter - won’t know for sure until the last counts are in on September 3rd. What is clear from the results is where I need to focus for the general election. With low voter turnout in several counties, there are a lot of voters out there looking for a candidate, and with 5 candidates in the primary, there are a lot of voters out there looking for a new candidate.

The feedback from conversations with folks at three county fairs this weekend (Northeast Washington Fair in Colville, Lincoln County Fair and Pend Oreille County Fair) confirms my message is on target – we need to send a representative for northeastern Washington with a strong background as an entrepreneur. Voters are eager to see basic business common sense brought to bear on the looming state budget crisis and on improving the business climate. Voters are looking for honesty and integrity in government. Government experience is a turn-off, successful hands-on business experience is what folks are excited about, and therein lies the key difference between me and my opponent.

To all my supporters – thank you for all you do and on to November!