June 21, 2008

Good news to share! The National Federation of Independent Business/Washington state Save America’s Free Enterprise Trust (NFIB/WA SAFE Trust) today endorsed my campaign, saying in part:

“By receiving the endorsement of the NFIB/WA SAFE Trust, you have proven your willingness and ability to fight for small business in Olympia. Your efforts show that you understand the importance of small business to our state’s economy. You have also shown that you will fight to protect our free enterprise system and we appreciate your efforts.”

The NFIB endorsement follows on the heels of recently announced endorsements by Secretary of State Ralph Munro (retired), State Senator John Moyer, MD (retired), and State Representative Duane Sommers (retired). The campaign has also received a letter of personal support from Wayne McMorris, long time Republican activist in NE Washington (see endorsement page for links to Wayne McMorris’ letter and the NFIB press release).