June 16, 2008

I thought we hit a high point on June 7th when the Madsen Campaign was represented in three parades in three counties, but we topped that one on June 14th. Last Saturday was a great campaign day, four parades in three counties and our campaign covered them all! Special thanks to my parents for representing me at the Colville Rodeo Parade. Mom drove, and I understand the announcer caught my Dad relaxing in the passenger seat and announced “I see someone snoozing.” That’s one way to draw attention to the campaign car! Also thanks to my neighbor Joan H. for driving the Sprague Days Parade for the Madsen campaign as a last minute fill in, really appreciate the way you stepped up, Joan. And last but definitely not least, thank you to the “Madsen Air Force” and Tom G. for giving me a lift between Wilbur and Republic, making it possible for me to walk both the Wild Goose Bill Days and Prospector Days parades, accompanied by drivers Nancy J. and Virginia S. with the signs and crepe paper streamers. It’s great to have depth on the bench, and it was even better when Tom let me take the yoke and fly the Cessna. Thanks for your vote of confidence on the take off from Curlew, very cool!