November 26, 2007

Social networking and rural networking (blocking both lanes of 231!)

I was driving home tonight and pulled over on the side of Highway 231 to finish a phone call with a political colleague before I hit a cell tower dead spot. The subject of the conversation was a social networking site with a lot of GOP participation (Facebook), so much so that a newspaper journalist was doing a report and had interviewed my friend. I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw a car approaching, and rolled down the window. It’s not a well traveled road south of Highway 2, and as expected the driver slowed to check that all was well with my car. Turned out to be a friend of mine, and she started to catch me up on the local news. It was an interesting contrast – high tech vs. face to face social networking. High tech is okay (you can check out my Facebook page), but I’m partial to two cars blocking a country road to share the news!