July 29, 2007

Friday’s political activity included attending the regular Stevens County Central Committee meeting and potluck. Good conversation afterwards on the sidewalk in Chewelah kept me out late, but it was a beautiful almost full moon drive home. Saturday morning saw me up early and right on track to leave on time to meet Sam Nicholas and his grandsons for Ione’s “Down River Days” parade. Unfortunately, four of my sheep decided to go walk about, and it took an hour with a friend’s help to corral them. I called Sam to warn him I’d be late, drove at the upper edge of the speed limit, and got into Ione just as the parade was starting. No chance to decorate my car (an entry for Cathy McMorris Rodgers) I grabbed three signs and a bag of sparkly pencils to hand out and set off to find Sam and the boys. We jumped into the parade to walk and wave for Cathy without the car. I think the boys (Johnny and Bradley) got a kick out of being in charge of pencil distribution. Grandpa Sam said they had a choice of watching the parade and collecting candy or being in the parade, and I was pleased that they picked marching. We made sure they got some candy, too!

Had a chance to meet with Dick Norton from PO Fire District #2 after lunch at the park. I started helping the Fire District navigate the USDA maze for their building loan last year, and a wrinkle came up this year after the loan officer changed several times. You know that regulations are strangling our society when the bureaucrats charged with trying to administer the rules struggle to figure them out consistently. We have got to start simplifying before we suffocate in red tape and drown in red ink.