July 21, 2007

Campaign update – Last Tuesday was the Ponderosa Republican Women's Club Summer Gala with Doug Sutherland (Commissioner of Public Lands) for an update on DNR and his newly announced challenger (Peter Goldmark - guess he’s given up on Congress). Next met with Rep. Cary Condotta in Wenatchee on Thursday en route to the Washington Farm Bureau Summer, a good opportunity to talk about the upcoming state races. The WSFB meeting ran most of Friday at Qwest Field and featured a variety of interesting speakers with a focus on biofuels. Then I got to experience the I-5 crawl as I traveled to Tacoma to visit my husband for dinner before returning home. It took about 1-1/2 hours to travel 30 miles; he had prepared a nice picnic dinner in the Tacoma Metro Park where our goat herd is at work reducing the blackberry population. Arrived home after midnight this morning and then joined Jack Robertson and Dale Bly in representing Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers at the Pioneer Days Parade in Davenport at 10 am. Jack has been doing parades for so many years we’ve all lost track. This year he is keeping Cathy’s 4’x8’ signs on the sides of the truck from the first Lincoln County parade in Creston in May through the final events in Odessa and Harrington in September. Dale and I broke one of the first rules of campaign parades – don’t run out of candy!

There was an enthusiastic crowd and another great opportunity to talk to people about their expectations of the state legislature. One fellow in particular told about how Sen. Bob Morton had helped him in dealing with Dept. of Labor & Industries. He was particularly appreciative that Bob took the time to travel to Wilbur to meet with him and listen to his story. Bob Morton is an example of the kind of public servant I aspire to be for the 7th District. You have to be willing to put the miles on the car to meet with people face to face.