August 11, 2007

Very busy weekend trying to be multiple locations at once, starting with annual Valley Fair breakfast in Valley at the Holy Ghost Catholic Church on Saturday morning at 8 am. Then on to the 7th District Leg Committee meeting over lunch in Wilbur. Fredi Simpson led a spirited debate on immigration policy; this will be a tough issue for the upcoming national elections. We were blessed to recruit Dennis Fiess of Reardan to take my place as Treasurer, we need to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest with my campaign. Then home again and ready to depart by 6:30 am with Craig for the Omak Stampede Parade with campaign signs etc. for Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Joined Rep. Joel Kretz and others on a tractor and flatbed provided by Jim Rowland and driven by Joel’s son, Jed (see photos). Topped off the day with a delightful lunch with Paul & Nancy Nash and family, and the opportunity to kick back and enjoy good conversation. I am truly grateful for the Nashes warm hospitality, it’s nice to have a home base when I’m campaigning in Okanogan County!