October 18, 2008 (evening)

Interesting goings on today on the campaign trail. Craig and I headed out early for the Avista Generating Plant at Kettle Falls to attend the 25th Anniversary Open House, then went on to join the Stevens County Republican Central Committee for a rally in the park in Chewelah. We ended the day with the Spokane County Cattleman’s Association dinner, auction and dance. It’s been ages since we’ve been dancing, a delightful evening.

While we were out, there was a flurry of activity on the e-mail. For the record, I don’t coordinate, edit or write letters to the editor (LTE) for folks who want to support me or complain about my opponent. If you read such a LTE about the 7th District campaign, it is the writer’s own opinion.

Here’s what I found in the e-mail in-box when I got home. This morning my son-in-law, Jeremy, sent a LTE to the 7th District newspapers asking pointed questions about a San Francisco based, Democrat supported PAC contribution that showed up on my opponent’s Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) report. By late afternoon he had received a reply directly to his e-mail address from Mitch Short, who apparently got a preview copy of Jeremy’s letter from one of the newspapers. Jeremy was boiling that the newspaper was providing a preview copy to my opponent, but one of the papers may have felt a legitimate need to get a reaction to the charges from her campaign. I’ll cut the unknown newspaper some slack and assume it was forwarded from an abundance of journalistic ethics. I suggested to Jeremy that he might want to tone down his letter and resubmit, but like I said before, I don’t write letters for people.

What happens next? It will be interesting to see. My opponent may try to dredge up some old misinformation spread during the 2004 election, but I have the PDC data to back me up so am not worried about that kind of a late hit. I am sure she understands the hypocrisy of complaining about my accepting contributions from Democrats when she is doing the same thing. In a two Republican race, it makes sense that independents and Democrats who have an interest in who is their next representative might want to support a favorite.