September 11, 2008

My opponent has unleashed a ludicrous personal attack via a fundraising e-mail. For anyone out there who is still wondering, here are my positions on the hot-button test issues for conservatives. I am unapologetically:

1. Anti-abortion and pro-life
2. Believe the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution protects an individual right to bear arms
3. Will never vote to support gay marriage

Now let’s get on with the business of running the state. We need experienced business owners in the legislature who understand economic development because they have actually created the jobs that generate the taxes that pay the salaries of government employees. We need a representative who knows how to work well with others to find solutions to the common problems facing northeast Washington. We need a strong, independent woman with small-town values who understands rural issues, and who is not afraid to say what she thinks. My record of proven leadership in business, in the community and as a project architect and team leader demonstrate the truth. I look forward to earning your vote in support of common sense, compassion and integrity in the legislature.