September 21, 2007

The Washington State Republican Party sponsored a great campaign training today in Spokane, and Campaign Co-Chair Johanna Ellis was able to attend with me. I picked up a great campaign refresher, new insights into how to best communicate with the voters and two contributions from other attendees. I also learned the source of a (decidedly false) rumor in southern Stevens County that I am a Democrat in disguise. This has been a particularly annoying rumor to deal with, as it amounts to a question that comes out something like “when did you stop beating your dog.” You’re stuck whether you decline to dignify such a stupid question with an answer, or else you get dragged into endless denials that make you sound guilty of something. For the record – I don’t beat my dog and I’m not a Democrat. I am committed to limited government consistent with our federal and state constitutions, support personal responsibility as a necessary basis for the entrepreneurial initiative that makes this a great country, and fear for our future if we forget our republic is built on a Christian foundation. Dinesh D’Souza put it very well at the Washington Policy Center dinner last Thursday when he said Tom Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation” should be described as the Last Generation. It was the last generation to have a common understanding of external moral principles and obligations rooted in God. Our culture has turned inwards to a self-absorbed moral relativism where anything goes if it feels good to the individual. Mr. D’Souza said we should not be surprised when Islamic Radicals use our global export of popular culture to recruit new followers from among peaceful traditional Muslims, as many traditional Christians are equally appalled at our popular culture. I am committed to the Republican Party to turn our country back to its roots for the sake of our children and grandchildren.