March 14, 2008

It has been a busy campaign week, next week will be busier, and after that it will accelerate! All the more reason to take the afternoon off today and spend it at 49 Degrees North. My company (Madsen Mitchell Evenson Conrad) takes a break once a quarter to have fun together, and winter quarter 2008 found the team on the mountain for a day of skiing. Craig and I joined them after he finished morning chores at the barn and I attended the annual Spokane County “State of the County” breakfast in Airway Heights. The expanded runs off the new Sunrise Quad Chair #5 were great fun, and we concluded we need to get on the slopes one more time before the season closes. It doesn’t look like March 14th, more like January 14th!

We chose to try rental equipment because our skis and bindings are out of date and out of tune, and no shop will touch them for fear of liability. The new skis, bindings and boots were great, and I was sold on the improved performance of the new style fat skis in the first 100 yards off the lift. The new poles, however, just weren’t the same as my old ones with the mismatched baskets and the leather straps. They perform fine, and there is no reason to replace them. We’ll look for a good end of season deal on boots and skis, and keep the old poles - a simple choice of common sense over chasing style.

I’ve tried writing a couple of endings to pull this blog back to some big, philosophical conclusion. I’ve concluded there isn’t one. Even while taking an afternoon off, I ended up campaigning on the chair lift, in the lodge, at the gas station and at the hardware store. The campaign trail will be all consuming for the next eight months. Game on!