July 2, 2007

No parades in the 7th District last Saturday, so I took a 4 day weekend to visit my husband at work with the Healing Hooves herd on the west side. Not too many people spend a Friday night camping out at a Seattle City Light substation in the heart of a city neighborhood. We had a lovely view of the traffic on I-5, the Space Needle beyond and a hillside overgrown with blackberries and ivy, which the goats were busy removing. Removing isn’t quite the right word, perhaps a better description is recycling vegetation into organic fertilizer. Then we spent Saturday and Sunday in Bothell at a landscaping business, managing the goats as they worked on more blackberries, this time seasoned with side dishes of morning glory and thistles (see photos). This was Healing Hooves second visit to the Seattle neighborhood, and many residents credited the goats with getting them out walking and talking to each other. One neighbor commented that watching the goats is a nice break from reality. Craig and I glanced at each other – watching the city is a break from reality from our point of view. I enjoyed the vacation, but it sure felt good to get back home and listen to the quiet of the pasture instead of the hum of traffic.