January 13, 2008

We had dinner with my parents last Friday and spent the evening with a Scrabble game going for Mom and I while Craig and Dad sorted a box of maps. There were carefully saved USGS maps of all the hikes and backpacking trips we took when I was a kid. Dad had carefully noted the times and trail conditions, with an occasional comment about the suitability for kids. Mom said they were good maps, and we never got lost. Dad said my sister and I were good hikers - we always made it to the top, even on the steep pitches like the Lake Louise glacier hike when I was 10 and my sister was 7. We were tenacious.

I’ve heard that word a lot this past year by people who have been seeking to define my attitude toward politics and campaigning. Tenacious. I like that word. It describes an attitude of confidence, strength and determination. It also describes knowing where you are going, having a good map and a good plan. We saved all the maps from hikes in the 7th District. Mom suggested a plan for them – frame them and hang them in a future office in Olympia. Not a bad plan, Mom.