December 16, 2007

Three very special happenings took place this weekend (four, if you count my husband’s birthday – happy birthday, Craig!). The first was on Saturday afternoon, when Lynden Harris hosted a neighborhood “Get Acquainted” Open House at the family home in Deer Park. We had a delightful conversation, delicious refreshments thanks to Lynden’s sister Chaulle, and made good memories. Thank you, Lynden and Chaulle, for your gift of hospitality!

Second was Saturday night at the Christmas party for Madsen Mitchell Evenson & Conrad staff and their guests. Like many businesses large and small, my partners and I throw a company party. We do it because we truly appreciate our employees, we like to have fun together and to say thanks for everyone’s hard work in the past year. My partner Marian has the gift of Christmas generosity, and always puts together gift bags for the staff, usually distributed on the last work day before Christmas Eve. When I saw presents stacked on the sofa I assumed she’d done our shopping early. On second look, I realized the four stacks of beautifully wrapped presents had the names of us four partners. Our staff had conspired to thank us! It was great fun and very humbling – I don’t remember ever thinking of thanking “management” for being there. To Jenny, Kay, Walt, Corey, Heidi, Linnea, Joe, Jeff, Melissa and Sara – thank you for a wonderful gift!

The third special happening was the Sunday School Christmas Play at Reardan Presbyterian this morning. It was wonderful to see the front of the church chock full of our kids portraying angels, shepherds, wise men, Mary, Joseph, King Herod, the townspeople of Bethlehem and Herod’s court, a patient donkey and a flock of wiggly sheep. The sheep provided a chorus of “baaah baaah” as background to the senior high class’s beautiful rendition of “Mary Did You Know.” Even though it wasn’t scripted it was a fitting reminder of another humble and humbling gift. Praise be to God for the gift of His son, Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas!