August 24, 2007

Random Thoughts to Wrap up the Week

Does anybody else see anything wrong with this quote advertising a new educational certificate?

"Recognizing the increasing need for regulatory compliance expertise in the field of health care, the University of Washington has developed a certificate program to help provide valuable education in this area. The program is designed for those already familiar with the health care field and provides in depth background on compliance issues across the health care setting."

That’s right, now you can earn a professional certificate in dealing with red tape. Two things I learned from a Chinese history class in college : (1) Confucius didn’t invent fortune cookies, but he did invent and institutionalize bureaucracy, and (2) Chinese dynasties usually fell because bureaucracy became pervasive and paralyzing. When that happened, the peasants and the regional warlords revolted. I’d rather not wait until we are ready to revolt, I’m itching to start bringing some common sense to policy development and cut red tape. I’m not na├»ve enough to think I can make change happen overnight, but if we don’t start, it will never happen at all.